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Eurocontracts provides a comprehensive high capacity wireless  solution for Carrier Backhaull, NLOS Backhaul, last mile connectivity, Point to Point and Point to Multipoint in 3Ghz, 5Ghz, 6Ghz, delivered up to 500 Mbps over long distances and garanted  reliable video-realtime conection for CCTV and video surveillance. Our independend on frequency EC SYSTEM Free space optic equipment with capacity up to 40 Gbps, providing reliable connection also in noise dense urban areas allows high confidential data transfer.  

Eurocontracts is leading supplier also of pre-owned and warranted Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, Nokia-Siemens, NEC network infrastructure equipment at the best prices in the market, providing excellent services to mobile operators since 1998. We have a large quantity of base stations, transcoders, base stations controlers, microwaves and spare parts in our warehouses and are reliable provide support of the equipment, not more produced and not more supported by original producers.

Eurocontracts offers a complete range of services for mobile network development including installation, equipment commissioning and integration. All project work is carried out by qualified and experienced engineers and technicians.

Full-scale telecommunication solutions.

Eurocontracts s.r.o. is an international supplier of cellular mobile network equipment, microwave links, Free Space Optic equipment and other telecommunication products.  A wide range of products and services also includes:

  • Point to Point up to 500 Mbps with advanced Quality of Services (QoS)

  • Point to Multipoint, providing reliable connection for CCTV and video surveillance

  • Full services for GSM and UMTS Network construction, equipment installation, commissioning and de-installation, equipment inventory and testing

  • Wireless Backahul solution for WiFi and  WiMAX operators

  • Free space optics equipment up to 40 Gbps



    High capacity point to point and point to multipoint for licensed and unlicensed frequency band solutions. Used primarily for wireless networking applications, with software upgrade ability and a modular design with connectorized or integrated antennas, single and dual-radio split system design. Superior wireless system with high-speed capability (up to 500Mbps throughput) and best-in-class set of networking features. Advanced Quality-of-Service, carrier-grade E1/T1 connectivity.

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    Free Space Optics

    Free Space Optics

    Freedom from licensing and regulation issues, high speed data transfer, low start-up, low operational costs and rapid deployment. High fiber-like bandwidths, due to the optical nature of the technology with very low error rates. More secure than other wireless-based transmission technologies

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