Alarm monitoring and system control AL 175 NT and AL1000

Modular Power Supply Units (MPSU) are 19" or ETSI rack mountable DC standby systems for integration in the users own equipment. The Power Rack System (PRS) is a wall or floor mounted rack system with or without batteries. Both the MPSU and PRS solutions can have internal or external load distribution. Standard modules All systems in the medium range are built around the SMPS 1000 SI rectifier, a plug-in switch mode rectifier, and the AL 175 NT, a monitoring and control unit with advanced communication functions.MPSU 4000 With integrated DC-distribution and front accessible circuit breakers, with the AL 175 NT control and alarm module. Up to 4 SMPS 1000 SI rectifier modules. The Power Rack System is either controlled by the Alarm module AL 1000 or AL 175 NT.

The AL 175 NT  

has a user friendly, menu driven interface, which provides monitoring and configuration possibilities. The operation of the AL 175 NT is possible through a front panel with LCD screen and keypads or via RS232 communication with a PC. Remote monitoring, the wide range of alarm and control facilities is also available through remote 

supervision, either via modem, or through a TCP/ IP adapter. Configurable alarm outputs with voltage free contacts that can also be used for remote monitoring are included. AL 175 TN advanced control and monitoring unit provides battery surveillance and protection optimizing the battery life-time. The unit allows total system remote control.


  • Input 48 Vdc
  • Automatic/manual boost charging     ELTEK  AL175NT
  • Automatic battery testing
  • Symmetry monitoring
  • Temperature compensated chargingELTEK  AL175NT
  • Alarm log with time and date
  • Modem callback, Relay test
  • Site information
  • Charge current limitation
  • Battery test results
  • Low voltage disconnect
  • Alarms High/low battery voltage
  • Low voltage disconnect
  • Mains failure
  • Rectifier failure
  • Load/battery fuse trip
  • Battery test failure
  • Symmetry alarm (optional)
  • Battery temperature alarm
  • System/ common alarm
  • Measured values Battery temperature
  • Output voltage
  • Battery current
  • Rectifier current
  • Load current (calculated) A


The AL 1000 alarm monitoring and control unit provides complete monitoring of the system with all necessary alarms.Eltel AL1000


  • Alarm monitoring
  • Current and Voltage Output Monitoring by display
  • Voltage level adjustment
  • Battery test
  • Mains Alarm
  • High/low battery voltage alarm
  • Module failure
  • Load fuse alarm
  • Common alarm

SMPS 1000 SI rectifier

The SMPS 1000 SI plug-in switch mode rectifier module  provides high quality and reliable DC power for telecommunication applications. Reliable operation,the current share bus ensures that the temperature is distributed evenly between the rectifiers, therefore increasing their expected lifetime. This feature operates independent of the Alarm Module. Output power limiting, non-destructive short circuit protection and high voltage shutdown also protect the rectifier module and system. Front access LED's indicate the module's power, alarm and current limit status.

The SMPS 1000 SI supports the following control functions:

  • External shut down input
  • Remote output voltage adjust for temperature compensation
  • Boost charging and battery testing
  • Current limited output
  • Short circuit pretected output


Name Part Number Quantity State
AL175 NT 242072232 2 NEW
FLATPACK2 241115.002A 3 NEW
FLATPACK2 48V 241115.001 1 NEW
SMPS 1000 230V AC/24VDC 241113.520 44 NEW

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