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Free Space optics

ECSYSTEM Free Space optics (FSO)  provides higher capacity Point-to-Point connection with capacity up to 10 Gigabits Full Duplex  The Free space optics (FSO) equipment uses lasers to transmit data, but instead of enclosing the data stream in a glass fiber, it is transmitted through the air. It is a secure, cost-effective alternative to other wireless connectivity options.

Application area of Free space optics  ECSYSTEM FREE SPACE OPTICS

Mobile and fixed link

  • Connecting of base stations. Backhaul for LTE network
  • Internet service provider success-story-fso-czech-republic.pdf
  • Continuous growth of base stations numbers and services require a significant communication channel capacity increase. Using FSO equipment, which does not require any radio frequency authorization, easily solves this problem. Besides, availability of multiplexers with E1 channel in our production line allows transmitting in parallel via one transmission link from 2 to 24E1 data flows and Ethernet traffic, which saves investments in the network channel terminating equipment.
  • Establishing of on-line backup channels in emergency cases
  • Connection of base stations under the conditions of complex electromagnetic situations or exhausted RF spectrum
  • "Last mile" solution

Free space optics LTE BACKHAUL

  • Long distance coverage of up to 5km even at gigabit speed
  • Very high bandwidth capabilities between 100Mbps up to 10Gbps and possible upgrade up to 30 Gigabits
  • The use of the 1550nm wavelength makes it extensively safe to the human eyeECSYSTEM INDOOR UNIT FREE SPACE OPTICS EQUIPMENTLicence-free operation
  • High confidentiality of data transfer
  • Autotracking system
  • Active Link loss forwarding (ALLF)
  • Plug and use - simple and reliable instalation

It is the only Modular System currently available in the market: The Free space optics EL-1G with throughput 1Gbps and the FSO 10Gbps  with capacity 10 Gigabits, which can be with option of posible upgrade of throuthput up to 30Gbps. This upgrade is possible without the need to replace the Unit. This also means there is no realignment required after the upgrade is completed bringing downtime to its barest minimum.

Real-time AGC (Automatic Gain Control) is used in every model to regulate the optical transmit power of the laser diode depending on the link quality which is constantly monitored. This is to ensure high availability of the transmitting circuit.

Real-time Auto tracking is used in every model to compensate for thermal expansion that occurs as a result of mast and building movements.

Internet - creation of high speed local area network of "star" or "ring" topology as well as to realize network development and connection to other networks.

Security systems - Wireless optical communication is one of the most effective options for security and safety systems which provides high data transfer rate. The laser beams are very narrow so it is almost impossible to intercept them. 

Network infrastructure - The equipment ensures a quick formation of a wireless optical communication channel when combining the existent region communication channel with already finished network.

Data transport networks - Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, FDDI, Fast Ethernet, Ethernet



Key EC SYSTEM of Free space optics (FSO) advantages from similar equipment  

System of quality checked on military-industrial standards

Space stabilization (autotracking) - system became more accurate (+- 0,05 mrad precision) and more reliable

Build-in reserve channel output with management  (TDC).

Narrow beams with small divergence (0,55 mrad)

High security of the wireless optical channel

Working on long distances up to 7 km

Protection from solar radiation

No need to obtain frequency lincences

Reliability in extrem climate condition

Automatic transmitters power regulation enlarges the FSO lifetime 

Multiaperture system - three-times transmit and 2 receiving lenses

Built-in system of the aiming and targetting

Effective monitoring through IP network

Easy and fast installation (from 20 minutes)

Varied facilities of the monitoring, friendly interface

ModelSpeed of information transmission, protocol
Link distance, mFeaturesDownload
EL-1GS  2x10/100/1000 Mbit/s IEEE 802.3/ IEEE 802.3u

up to1200

Full duplex ALLF «double channel» technology

Spatial stabilization system (autotracking) 

IP monitoring


EL-1GL 2x 100/1000 Mbit/s IEEE 802.3/ IEEE 802.3u up to 4400

Full duplex ALLF «double channel» technology

Spatial stabilization system (autotracking)

IP monitoring

SNMP alerts


EL-10G 2x 1/10 Gbit/s IEEE 802.3/ IEEE 802.3u up to 1500

Full duplex ALLF «double channel» technology

Spatial stabilization system (autotracking)

SNMP traps signalling Remote control through IP-networks

Calibrated backup channel



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