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Eurocontracts has longterm experience as a supplier of spare parts and equipment to the operators. We can offer you spare parts for Nokia Ultrasite base stations, Nokia Flexi base stations and Nokia Microwaves directly from its warehouses. 

FSMD 083780A.104


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Description Part Number Condition
TRP-13G-5B TRP-13G-5B,NWA-034278 new
FLEXI HOOPER ODU 7 T55800.01.B2 used
FLEXI HOOPER 18 T55064.04.E3 used
Flexi Hooper  T55059.36...A2 Nokia Flexi Hooper T55059.36..A2
SURF 1800MHZ SWRG9148F new
connector J01003B5032 new
optical FTLF1323P1BTR used
WBVB CS7299413.03 new
WBVC CS7299412.03 new
OPTICAL C39195-Z203-C308 new
Nokia Siemens optical cable C39195-Z203-C302 used
EWSD optical cable C39195-Z203-702 used
EWSD optical cable C39195-Z203-302 used
siemens ewsd optical cable C39195-Z134-P10 used
Nokia Siemens cable C39195-A641-A11 used
CP710-AB C109767.B01 new
CP710-A C109767.A01 new
ESB20-A C108000.C1B new
ET2E-T C105507.B2A new
PCU-B C104512.A1D new
Memory card C103756.A01 used
ODPU-A C101810.A1B new
CP710-A C101180.E08 new
CCP10 C100910.F4C used
CCP10 C100910.F04 used
CCP10 C100910.E3A used
Nokia bsc card HDPU-A C100720.A2C new
PSC6-A C08953.B3B new
PSCA-A C08953.B3B used
Nokia bsc card PSCA-A C08953.B3B used
HWAT-A C08950.C5A new
SERO-A C08949.C3C new
SERO-A C08949.C3B new
SWCOP-A C08947.B3C new
SWCOP-A C08947.B3B new
PSC1-S C08860.A1B new
CL3TG C08826.A1A new
SW64B C08790.B05 new
SW64B C08790.B04 new
BATTERY CABLE -48V C000026/1 new
CABLE 993600C3507 used
OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT 735-221/18_004 used
OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT 735-221/18_003 used
ODU SRAL XD 26GHZ 732-251/26_004 used
ODU SRAL XD 26GHZ 732-251/26_003 used
ODU SRAL XD 732-251/15E401 used
ODU SRAL XD 26GHZ 732-241/26E004 used
ODU SRAL XD 26GHZ 732-241/26E003 used
SRAL XD 732-102/71A772Q used
sral xd indoor unit 732-102/71A used
SRAL UNIT 732-101/61S used
SRAL XD 732-101/61R used
SRA-L INDOOR DEVICE UNIT 8x2 SVR 1.4.2 732-101/01193F used
CONNECTOR 716F-LCF78-062 new
EXGB 472044A.101 used
FTIB UNIT 471720A.104 used
EOCA 471576A.101 used
EWGB 471492A.101 used
FRGF11 471483A.102 used
FRGF11 471483A.101 used
WMHD 471443A.103 used
WMHD 471443A.101 used
Nokia Siemens FSEB 471424A.203 used
FSMD CORE 471402A.104 used
FSMD11 471402A.102 used
FRGC 11 47131A.104 used
FRGD11 471232A.104 used
FSKA11 471226A.103 used
ESEA 470330A.102 used
WCDT 470328A.101 new
ERDA 470253A.102 used
ERDA 470253A.101 used
ERGA 470250A.102 used
ERGA 470250A.101 used
FIPA 470248A.102 used
FIEA 470247A.102 used
FIEA 470247A.101 used
EXDA 470216A.103 used
EXDA 470216A.102 used
EXGA 470215A.103 used
EXGA 470215A.102 used
FPBA 470141A.101 used
FPAA PSU 470140A.102 used
FPMA11 470139A.102 used
FTPB UNIT 470137A.208 used
FTPB 11 470137A.107 used
FTPB 11 470137A.106 used
FTPB 11 470137A.104 used
FTOA UNIT 470133A.205 used
FTOA 11 470133A.101 used
FSMB CORE 11 470036A.105 used
FSKA 471226A.103 471226A.103 FSKA NOKIA SIEMENS
CTDA 11 469691A.103 used
CTDA 11 469691A.101 used
FS7201-33-99 469580A.102 used
FS7201-33-99 469580A.101 used
TSDB12 469089A.209 new
DVGA 11 468216A.104 new
wsca11 468158A.105 used
wama13 468156A.305 used
VIFA 467208A.205 used
VXEA 11 467201A.105 new
Multicoupler reciver M2LA 468530A.109 463530A M2LA Nokia Siemens multicoupler receiver
kit cable idu usy 3CC13423AAAA new
kit fixation usy-5u-19 3CC13222AAAA new
ODU UX 9400 3CC11737AHAB/01 used
UX 3CC09426ACAB/03 used
UX 3CC08971AAAA/02 used
Support Equipment 3CC06071AAAB used
SWITCH 3300 XM 24 PT 3C16985B used
T-336NX 3872B294 used
FLATPACK2 241115.002A new
FRGP CORE 084629B.204 used
FRGM CORE 084209A.102 used
FRGK CORE 084201A.101 used
FRGJ CORE 084200A.101 used
FPFB 084175A.103 used
FRGF CORE 083837A.103 used
FSME CORE 083833A.105 used
FSMD CORE 083780A.105 used
FSMD CORE 083780A.104 used
FSMD CORE 083780A.102 used
FRGC CORE 083689A.105 used
FRGD CORE 083688A.105 used
FRGD CORE 083688A.103 used
RF PSU 083509A.102 used
FEPD 083299A.109 used
FEPD 083299A.108 used
FEPD 083299A.107 used
FEPD 083299A.106 used
FEPD 083299A.105 used
FEPD 083299A.102 used
FAN PLATE ASSY 083180A.101 used
FSMB CORE 082849A.105 used
FFGA 082789B.105 used
FFGA 082789B.102 used
FFGA 082789A.103 used
18 gb  hard disk 07N3240 used
rack 074845A.104 used
rack 074845A.103 used
fan11 071295A.105 used
CABLE 1,90405E+19 new
LAN CABLE 35M 1,90402E+19 new
STM-1-LH-13-SC/SC V2.0 1011554517 used
OPTIC CABLE 98503401 new
EWGB11 471492A.101     used
ETS2 C109474.D02 used

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