A wide range of new and refurbished IDU and ODU from NEC company for Telecommunication operatorsNEC MDP-150MB7T5

New surplus or used telecom NEC microwave equipment from our stock, allow you and service prolong life time of your telecom equipment.

The used NEC equipment is with working warranty. Eurocontracts provides both new and used telecom equipment, for the most competitive prices in the market.

 NEC PASOLINK microwave links in various frequencies

nec-parts-inventory-october-2018.xlsx (19 kB)

NamePart numberPicture
nec idu pasolink MDP-34MB-25C MDP-34MB-25C,MKS-0H0091-P000,0000282343,200804
nec idu pasolink MDP-34MB-25C MDP-34MB-25C,MKS-0H0091-P000,0000282331,200804
nec idu pasolink MDP-34MB-25C H0091P0601080684
NEC PASOLINK 000H2930A0803136096
card nec H3000 A48E1 INTFC
card IDU NEC H2940 B
card IDU NEC H2940 A
card IDU NEC H2950 A
nec idu pasolink MDP-34MB-25C H0091F040310632
nec idu pasolink MDP-34MB-25C 000H0091P0804282191
nec idu pasolink MDP-34MB-19A G2680K030846736
nec idu pasolink MDP-34MB-25C H0091F040310603
nec idu pasolink MDP-34MB-19A G2680K030846703
MDP-150MB-1AA MDP-150MB-1AA,MKS-0H2930-A000,0000327808,200909 NEC MDP 150MB 1AA
card IDU NEC H2940-B
MDP-34MB-25C 000H0091P0810308754
MDP-34MB-25C H0091F040310566
MDP-150MB-1AA MDP-150MB-1AA,MKS-0H2930-A000,0000243772,200901
MDP-34MB-25C 000H0091P0809304803
MDP-34MB-25C H0091F040310527
MDP-34MB-25C MKS-0H0091-P000,0000239119,200712
MDP-34MB-25C H0091P050858565
MDP-34MB-25C MKS-0H0091-P000,0000282313,200804
MDP-34MB-19A G2680K030846705
MDP-80MB-2 H1312C0601004892 NEC MDP-80MB-2
MDP-80MB-2 H1312C0601004874
MDP-80MB-2 H1312C0601004899
MDP-34MB-26C 000H0161P0804091460
MDP-34MB-26C 000H0161P0804091435
MDP-34MB-26C 000H0161P0804091451
MDP-80MB-2 H1312C0601004880
MDP-34MB-25C H0091P0601080716
MDP-34MB-25C H0091P050858581
MDP-34MB-25C 000H0091P0804282257
NEC PASOLINK 000H2930A0803136021
card IDU NEC H2960 B
ODU TRP-7G-1B 0090260010711016086
TRP-8G-3A H0739C050809110
TRP-23G-3A H0333B050513844
TRP-8G-3A H0739C040304436
TRP-8G-5A 000H0349C0705003488
TRP-7G-1B 0090260010711016048
TRP-7G-1B 0090260010711016062
TRP-13G-3A H0330A050210581
TRP-7G-1B 0090260010711016057
TRP-13G-5AA H2207A0604001734
TRP-7G-1B 0090260010711016084
TRP-13G-5AA H2207A0604001592
TRP-13G-5AA H2207A0604001740
TRP-13G-5AA H2207A0512001284
TRP-7G-1B 0090260010711016055
TRP-7G-1B 0090260010711016081
TRP-7G-1B 0090260010711016085
TRP-13G-5AA H2207A0512001289
TRP-7G-1B 0090260010711016079
TRP-8G-3A H0739C0612017883
TRP-7G-1B 0090260010711016074
TRP-7G-1B 0090260010711016056
TRP-7G-1B 0090260010711016060
TRP-7G-1B 0090260010711016064
TRP-7G-1B 0090260010711016072
TRP-13G-5AA H2207A0512001292
TRP-13G-5AA H2207A0604001580
TRP-7G-1B 0090260010711016077
TRP-8G-3A TRP-8G-3A,MKS-0H0739-C000,0000028618,200901
TRP-8G-3A TRP-8G-3A,MKS-0H0739-C000
TRP-26G-5B TRP-26G-5B,NWA-034282-010
TRP-26G-5B TRP-26G-5B,NWA-034282-010
TRP-13G-1AA G7965A0610006627
TRP-23G-3A MKS-0H0333-B000,0000058936,200804
TRP-8G-5B TRP-8G-5B,NWA-034275-050
TRP-8G-3A TRP-8G-3A,MKS-0H0739-C000
TRP-7G-1B TRP-7G-1B,NWA-009026-001
TRP-7G-1B TRP-7G-1B,NWA-009026-001
TRP-23G-5AA H2210A0512001370

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