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Telecom spare parts

At EUROCONTRACT we offer both new and used telecom equipment and spare parts. All our equipments are  thoroughly tested before stocked. We have the best competitive prices in the market, allowing operators and service providers to reduce cost on OPEX  (Operating Expense)  and CAPEX (Capital Expenditures )

The used telecom equipment  is renovated and sale with a warranty.

Below are some of the well known telecom product names we have in stock:



Eurocontracts has the following types of Ericsson Base stations and spare parts in stock:

  • GSM Micro base station RBS2302: The Ericsson RBS2302 GSM1900MHz is a micro base station unit designed for both indoor and outdoor microcell application
  • GSM EDGE Micro base station RBS 2308: The GSM EDGE Micro base station allows for both indoor and outdoor deployments
  • GSM pico base station RBS 2401. The GSM RBS 2401 is an Indoor base station and provides high quality coverage for wireless access in office and public buildings

Our wide range of outdoor BTS (Base Transceiver Station) in stock include the following models: RBS2116,RBS3101, RBS3106, RBS3202, RBS3206, RBS6101.

The RBS 6102, is a multi-standard high-capacity outdoor base station.

The RBS 6201 is a multi-standard indoor macro base station.


Also in stock include :

  • Battery Back-up System 6000
  • Base Station Controllers (BSC)
  • Transcoders
  • AXE-10 : The  Ericsson AXE 10 is the most widely deployed switching system in the world.
  • Mini-Link E: Ericsson’s Mini-Link E is one of the world leading point to point microwave solution suitable for any networks scenario.


Siemens and Nokia Siemens:

At Eurocontracts, we have in stock a wide range of  thoroughly tested refurbished Siemens and Nokia Siemens line of products.

They include various models of BTS (Base Transceiver Station):

other Siemens and Nokia Siemens equipment and spare parts:

  • Base station controllers (BSC)
  • Transcoders TRAU BT960HC (High Capacity transcoder)
  • EWSD components: The EWSD platform is the high performance cost-effective and future proof solution for PSTN/ISDN networks
  • Microwave SRALXD : Nokia Siemens SRAL XD microwave radio supports all the capacities from 2x2 to32x2Mbit/s in wide range of frequencies from 7 to 38Ghz
  • Nokia Ultra site and Nokia Flexi base stations  

Most of our telecom equipment come along with spares and with a warranty at very competitive market prices.


We have a wide variety of Alcatel products ranging from brand new and refurbished which are all stocked in our warehouse in Prague. Some  of the Alcatel brands in stock are:

Outdoor MBO2 base station

Indoor base stations MBI3 and MBI5                                 

BSC (Base Station Controller)


Microwave links with ODU and IDU units.                                                                         

Installing our preowned used telecom tested equipment at your remote locations is a much more cost effective alternative to installing new equipments.

Prolong the life time of your usesing installed equipment with our spare parts whiles reducing your  CAPEX and OPEX.



  • Extending the life time of your network equipment.
  • Reducing the cost on operational expenses (OPEX)
  • Reducing cost on CAPEX whiles making use of our preowned reliable equipments.
  • All equipments are tested and come at very competitive market prices.
  • Short delivery time
  • Our equipments come with a Warranty
  • Our equipments are highly Reliable


We supply both new and used base stations, controllers, transcoders or their spare parts, microwave equipment, used GSM equipment, used UMTS equipment, CDMA equipment, antennae and coaxial cables, from well know producers like Nokia, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, NSN, Huawei, NEC, Nortel, Andrew, Kathrein or RFS.

Should you can´t find the equipment you are looking for, in our website, please use the contact form below.

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