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Accueil Produits Antennae, tools and accesories

Antennae, tools and accesories

Eurocontracts offers surplus connector, annennas, microwaves and cables. We have in our warehouse considerable quantity of antennas and accesories from Kathrein company, MW Siemens, MW Ericsson, MW Alcatel, cables and connectors from RFS company  and ather accessories. You can see the list of equipment or contact us for more information.

For EC SYSTEM free space optics equipment we offer following accesories:

  • Installation utility RapidView-1
  • Console Cable
  • Metal plate for wall mounting installation
  • Rack Mount
  • Connectors wrench
  • Ethernet links tester ETest 
  • FSO Universal Mounting Set universal-mounting-setrev2.pdf